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Penetrating prison walls: Education for Inmates

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Penetrating Prison Walls: Education for Inmates

The IOU Distance Learning Prison Initiative in the United States has witnessed continued expansion of the program to reach more than half of the nation (27 states). After starting with 500 inmates in 2014, the program has increased its’ enrollment to more than 1800 inmates and is operating in more than 100 federal and state facilities nation-wide.  More than 300 certificates of course completion have been earned and distributed to the inmates or their family members

Each month, the program welcomes between 50 – 100 new inmate enrollees into the initiative, Alhamdulillah.

While IOU’s online courses seem to be perfect for prison inmates, they are not allowed internet access. Therefore, there is a need for these courses to be taught within the prison itself which requires materials to be printed, courses to be available using DVD or other media that does not require internet access as well as an instructor to help explain lessons and the concepts taught.

IOU’s costs to run the initiative includes:

  1. Textbooks
  2. Exam papers, grading and follow-up (retakes where necessary)
  3. CDs and DVDs (made available to the Institutional Chaplains)
  4. Correspondence (mail, phone calls)
  5. Certificates
  6. Institutional visits where possible

We have also started the same initiative in Ghana.

For this reason, IOU NEEDS YOUR HELP! By DONATING NOW to IOU’s Prison Initiative YOUR MONEY can work to change the lives of those who fell by the wayside during life’s challenges. This drive is an annual expenditure reaching $91,996 in the USA and $8506 in Ghana.

Total cost: $99,502