IOU Donations Campaigns for Various Projects and Operations

Donate to the Cause You Are Inclined To

1 Million Scholarships

IOU’s scholarship initiative aims to help thousands of Muslim students from 10 English-speaking countries in Africa. With your help, this campaign will grow and help countless impoverished students achieve their educational dreams.

Prison Initiative

We penetrate prison walls and break down barriers to education for inmates in the United States and Ghana. The light of education can illuminate the darkest of places and your support will help prisoners improve their lives for the better.

Diploma Section

IOU has offered a free Islamic Studies diploma for over a decade, as well as free courses for new Muslims. Students can choose from over 40 courses with 6 levels of learning or from 7 special workshops, so please support this section.

Operations & Maintenance

The behind-the-scenes operations of the International Open University is costly and we look forward to your support in helping us with the operational and technological costs needed to provide online islamic-oriented studies.

Ilm Institute

Poverty is a threat to eemaan and a stumbling block for the Muslims. Because it stops them from gaining Islamic and worldly knowledge which is a must for the Ummah to overcome its issues and problems. Ilm Institute is a project of the IOU which is working towards building an educated and skilled Muslim society.

Quran Memorization Scholarships

The Global Quran Memorization Center (GQMC) aims to connect Muslim students with Quran instructors who teach them how to read, understand and memorize. The scholarships are given to students unable to afford the Ijazah (certification) and Quran memorization programs.