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IOU Operations & Maintenance

Just because IOU offers COMPLETELY FREE and TUITION FREE education does not mean its operational costs are non-existent. It takes THOUSANDS of dollars to operate IOU–from quality teaching staff to the behind-the-scenes administrational operations and technological requirements for online studies. YOUR DONATION helps run IOU and puts YOU on the front lines of global online education for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Muslims!!! Donate to IOU for operational costs and get the reward of EVERY SINGLE OPERATION that IOU touches.

Islamic Online University is a dynamic and comprehensive educational facility which seeks to not only provide Muslims with the spiritual knowledge needed to fulfill their roles toward The Creator, Allah but also temporal knowledge that is firmly founded in Islamic morals so that our time on earth is both beneficial and serves as a means of worship.

IOU offers Diploma courses completely free. Additionally, IOU offers quality undergraduate and post-graduate education that is firmly grounded in Islamic principles and morals without charging tuition fees! Other than a very minimal registration fee, every semester is offered without tuition fees.

While IOU feels that education should be free of tuition, there are costs associated with running a university online. Costs of running the university, apart from staff salaries, span servers, software and equipment.

Operation and Maintenance cost for 1 year: $200,000

YOUR DONATION puts you at the forefront of providing education for hundreds of thousands of students worldwide! With over 194,000 Diploma Students alone, your contribution literally wraps the earth several times. Don’t delay…Donate Today.

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