Goals of the IOU

Empowering the Islamic nation through higher education and opening countless opportunities for Muslims globally is what IOU is all about. There are doors of opportunity that only the key of a college degree can unlock…

Achievements of the IOU

IOU’s Free Diploma Program offers 40+ Courses. With 193,728 registered students from 240 countries globally, IOU has been benefitting the ummah for over 10 years!..

A Decade’s Journey

in Education: From the Past toward the Future

In the 10 years since IOU’s inception it has continued to expand and increase the levels of courses offered…

Join Us to Take IOU to the Next Level

Open Your Heart and Hand to Support the International Open University

Many of you have benefitted from the IOU to fulfill your educational dreams and now we’re asking you to please return the favor to prospective students. Help IOU students reach their own aspirations by donating just $5 for this year and you can donate the same amount every year to serve as a long-lasting charity that will reap the rewards for you in this life and the next. Insha’Allah.

Are you looking to help even more? The IOU has a great burden in financing all of the educational programs, courses and services that are offered to our students. You can donate your Zakah to the International Open University which will use it to pay for our daily operations, maintenance and covers the costs of offering free diploma courses to over 194,000 students 240 countries around the world.

IOU Donations Campaigns for Various Projects and Operations

Donate to the Cause You Are Inclined To

1 Million Scholarships

IOU’s scholarship initiative aims to help thousands of Muslim students from 10 English-speaking countries in Africa. With your help, this campaign will grow and help countless impoverished students achieve their educational dreams.


Diploma Section

IOU has offered a free Islamic Studies diploma for over a decade, as well as free courses for new Muslims. Students can choose from over 40 courses with 6 levels of learning or from 7 special workshops, so please support this section.


Prison Initiative

We penetrate prison walls and break down barriers to education for inmates in the United States and Ghana. The light of education can illuminate the darkest of places and your support will help prisoners improve their lives for the better.


Operations & Maintenance

The behind-the-scenes operations of the International Open University is costly and we look forward to your support in helping us with the operational and technological costs needed to provide online islamic-oriented studies.