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IOU Learning Centers in Africa

IOU Learning Centers in Africa

While the land that Africa covers is vast, the availability of resources for the citizens of this great continent are not equal to other parts of the world. Electricity is not stable, computers are not readily available to individuals and internet access is still quite expensive in many places. In order to achieve the goal of providing 1 MILLION SCHOLARSHIPS THROUGHOUT AFRICA IOU seeks to establish learning centers in various countries thereby making online learning accessible to everyone who desires a degree.

To establish a learning center, there are many needs that include: renting a facility, providing computers and accessories, printers and paper, electricity, water, furnishings and equipment set up as well as staff to run and maintain the facilities.

YOUR DONATION to IOU’s Learning Facilities in Africa will give THOUSANDS and eventually A MILLION learners in sha Allah the opportunity to study and attain a degree in a field that will better their societies and the lives of billions in Africa.


New learning center in Somaliland: $12,600
New learning center in Ghana: $17,280
New learning center in Tanzania: $10,092
1 year maintenance cost of 7 existing centers Malawi: $22,025
Total Goal: $61,997

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