Islamic Online University | IOU Global Headquarters in The Gambia

IOU Global Headquarters in The Gambia

IOU Global Headquarters in The Gambia

IOU offers many opportunities to contribute to the betterment of the ummah by providing various ways to give charity. This is an important form of worship that should be offered without hesitation if one has the means. IOU has a goal of establishing a global headquarters in The Gambia. This building will benefit Muslims globally by providing IOU a center to run its educational operations. With students from 240 nations worldwide, IOU has the most diverse student body of any educational institution on earth. There is a real need for an office and headquarters to run the operations of the university.

A breakdown of YOUR DONATION TO IOU Headquarters and how it will be used:

  • Providing a central office as a center for all administrational activities by completing the purchase of the building – $150,000
  • Providing stable and reliable electricity and internet services to the IOU Global Office – $30,000
  • Complete the renovation of the building – $10,000
  • Refurbishing the current IT Lab and setting up a new one – $10,000
  • This is a total of: $200,000

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YOUR DONATION to IOU for establishing an administrational headquarters helps Muslims globally to continue their studies smoothly and efficiently by having an office where administration is housed and centrally located. By contributing to the education of the ummah, in sha Allah you share in the reward of both this life and the hereafter.